Trying To Learn Data Structures

Small facts on what is data structures and why learning about it could help your coding.

What is Data Structures? a specialized means of organizing and storing data in computers in such a way that we can perform operations on the stored data more efficiently. Data structures have a wide and diverse scope of usage across the fields of Computer Science and Software Engineering. more info click here

This could be us if we know nothing about data structures.

Why learn Data Structures? This is a simple way of putting it as programmers we are efficient and we strive to be more efficient in every way. Imagine how far technology have evolved and still keep evolving. Now think about using dial-up if you don’t remember what dial-up is link is there, dial-up internet using is about 56 kbit/s and now the fastest speed we are using as i know is about 940 Mbps that is a huge difference. Let me show you

That is 16,785.7143 more than dial up. So every single time we use the internet Data Structures efficiency was being used. There is a lot more examples of why we should learn Data Structures.

Now that we know at least a little bit of data structures. We can live life not making people wait for something to run in their computer like this.

The more efficient and less storage our programs or datas are the more we could be more valuable to every projects we work on.

Just coding