Hash tables are used to store key-value pairs. A structure that can map keys and values.

It’s great to use because it is fast to map, add, and delete value.

A key and value will be paired together to have a specific location. When finding a key the value will be returned. For example in banks they account number which is the key and the value is the information inside the accounts that is stored. It is easier to find and store.

Hash-tables in different languages

2. Java, Go, and Scala- Maps.

3. Ruby- Hashes.

4. Python- Dictionaries.

Using this are one of the most common actions we do in Computer Science.

Similar to binary search trees but with different set of rules.

There are two different Binary heaps

2. Min Binary Heap which is the opposite of the max. The root node is the Lowest value and the parent node is always larger than the child node.

The process of visiting each node in a tree data structure exactly once. Traversals are classified on which order the nodes are visited.

The order of the numbers doesn’t need to be like a Binary search tree. It can be all jumbled and still be a tree graph in which it is not order lower from the left and higher to the right.

There are many ways of traversing a tree.

There is Breadth first search which will start from the root going down to each node until the last node that is in the bottom. It should go across the siblings. For example.

The time complexity of binary search trees for search, insert and delete.

The average time for BST is O(log n) in which you can see that log n is very good which is a great time for the search and insert considering it is a constant time. It will take a very long time for it to grow.

A binary search tree has nodes with comparable key. the root node has two subtree which is left and right and for every parent node the left child node should have less value than the parent node and the right child node should have greater value than the parent node.

A Data Structure that consist of nodes in a parent/child relationship.

TREE Terminology

  • Left branch- The nodes branching to the left of the tree and less than the value of the root node or the parent node.
  • Right branch- The nodes…

Ways of sorting in JavaScript.

Bubble Sort- Swapping comparing to integers and swapping them from left to right which ever is the bigger amount goes to the right, does it over again until it is done. Like bubbles rising to the surface.

Bubble sort is one of the slowest and…

What is recursion and why we use it?

What is Recursion? A function that Calls it self.

As a Javascript coder we use recursion everywhere. We use it with JSON.parse, document.getElementById, and many more. It will call itself until it’s done.

Here is a video where you can see examples of how to use it.

This is the different types of request in javascript webpage. How to and what you need to know.

I will show most of the common fetches to run a complete CRUD for Javascript with a different Backend for your database.

The first one is the basic fetch to grab any…

Javascript is one of the most popular language used in the computer programming

Javascript is the most commonly used language in the entire world with a staggering %69.7 used by people or people know how to program it. It is used by most of the popular websites. -surveyed by stackoverflow.


Javascript was created by Brendan Eich, he was an employee of Netscape Communications Corporations at that time in 1995. He began to develop a scripting language which was initially called as LiveScript with the purpose of utilizing it both in the browser and on the server. -arpatech

Ecma Internationals released EcmaScript an official javacript language specification in 1997.

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